We’re passionate about baking and love what we do

We started simple, as a couple who just enjoyed baking at home

We’re Craig and Matt and we love baking. For years it was just a fun activity that we enjoyed doing together as a couple, sharing our brownies, blondies and cakes with friends and family.

In 2019 a friend told us they were good enough to sell and Cray Bakes was born!

We’re all about creating indulgent new recipes

Variety is the spice of live! At Cray Bakes we don’t just like to churn out the same products week in week out.

We’re always coming up with new recipes and ideas to share with you. We love getting creative, mixing up new combinations to blow your mind.

We may have our own bakery in Yorkshire now… but we still make everything by hand

We’ve come a long way from baking small batches in a home kitchen. We now have a state-of-the-art bakery unit in Selby where we send out hundreds of bakes every week.

Although we’ve grown in size, we still have the same high standards and continue to make everything by hand. If we wouldn’t serve it to our mums, we won’t sell it to you!

We're YouTube stars 🥳

Looking for something extra special?

Get in touch with us to discuss how we could custom make you something spectacular for your special event.